Sue’s Top 10 Favourite Ways to Eat Ferments

Here are Sue’s top 10 ways to make ferments more interesting.


Add kraut to avocado with fresh herbs and sea salt to make a probiotic dip.


Drizzle Kraut juice over your fish instead of lemon.


Drizzle your kraut juice over your poached eggs.


Make a salsa cut kraut finely and add to make a probitic rich condiment.


On your next cheese platter put a small bowl with your favourite kraut drizzle with oil, add sea salt and finely chopped herb that can be spooned onto a cracker with cheese.


For the steak eaters. Help your body break that down. Add a spoon of your favourite kraut on top of your steak with a sprinkle of salt.


When making your next salad dressing instead of vinegar use our beetle juice (sauerkraut juice).


Making a rice paper roll or a wrap ? Add a spoon full of kraut.


Making sushi ? Instead of vinegar and ginger and a spoon of kraut.


Have some left over cooked quinoa add 1/3 cup kraut, fresh salad leaves, micro greens, sprouts. And you have a nourishing probiotic salad that will keep you satisfied for the afternoon.

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