Meet Sue Wilson, the founder of Cultured Cuisine.

Sue started fermenting in 2007 after training with Donna Gates, the Author of The Body Ecology Diet .

Prior to fermenting, Sue embarked on a career change from social work to holistic closed colon therapy. Whilst working in the clinic with gut health, it became evident that fermented foods were critical in healing, repairing and rebuilding the digestive system.

Sue was facilitating workshops to teach people how to make their own kraut and coconut kefir. However, after each workshop, the participants would ask if they could purchase her ferments as they didn’t have time to make their own. Many participants simply preferred Sue’s ferments as her experience in perfecting the recipes and techniques meant that they tasted better.

This demand in 2007 saw the birth of Cultured Cuisine, where clients of Bottoms Up Colonics and the general public had access to Sue’s ferments on a regular basis.

This year we are so excited to share with you, our Bush Tucker range. Australia has such a rich history and an abundance of medicinal foods. We have incorporated some of these medicinal foods into our kraut – this is only the beginning and we are excited to see where we may go from here!

To ensure we source the best quality ingredients along with an ethical company that supports local Aboriginal Communities to grow and harvest the ingredients, we have proudly partnered with Australian Superfood Co.

All of our ferments are hand made with love. We are very aware of the vibration of food along with our own vibration. We aim to produce only the best healing foods. This is the intention of each batch that is made by us.

All of our ferments are lacto-fermented, with a 4-8 week fermenting time to ensure enzymatic production is high, whilst maintaining a low histamine content.

The Cultured Cuisine ranges include the addition of functional products. This gives you double the goodness in every product and increases your wellness. You get the benefits of pre and probiotic, naturally occurring enzymes, along with the benefits of the targeted ingredient – whether this is ginger, garlic or strawberry gum.

At Cultured Cuisine, we only use Australian grown, organic ingredients. All products are gluten, dairy, sugar free. They are vegan friendly and sit beautifully as a condiment to any meal.