Fermented Vegetables

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  • 3 Cabbages

  • 6 Carrots

  • 1 Bunch of Kale

  • A knob of fresh ginger or garlic
    or chilli or a combination of
    all three

  • 1 Sachet Culture Starter


  • Process the vegetable as you would coleslaw.
  • Prepare your culture starter(as per instructions in the packet)
  • Pour over the prepared vegetables along with sea salt and filtered water
  • You will add water while also working your vegetables mixing and massaging to encourage the juice to release.
    You want enough water so that once you place in the jar the water will be just over the top of the vegetables
  • Then seal and wait depending on the temperature 4 to 7 days


  • Add a little salt and oil and a bunch of herbs and then add to plate your meal
  • As a side to steak or fish, it’s great to help break food down
  • Add chilli, coriander, cucumber and salt and make a quick salad
  • Add bunch of fresh sprouts and herbs a little salt and an instant salad maybe with some leftover roast pumpkin baked in coconut oil and sea salt
  • Add to your wrap or homemade sandwich
  • Add half a cup with a cup of quinoa and you have an instant super food lunch

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